Anonymous said: did your boobs get smaller when you started working out


Yes :( but my butt got better

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Scott Johnston Interview for Elwood’s 1st and Hope

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dolla-sign said: the fact that you said bitches need to stop sippin lean gettin the chubby face def gave me hope that all the shit on the internet aint a lie. thank you yams for spreading street knowledge


i was quoting bun b on that lolz letskeddit though bitches that do drugs r not poppin dawgs they are emotional unstable creatures already they dont need anything thats gon alter they perspective on reality i only fuck with square bitches no drugs some liquor here n there u dont wanna go home faded to a bitch that cant take care of u cuz she just as chopped

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kept-boy said: Less tumblr more Skating Alex


Take your own advise

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Viewfinder | A First Look at a Street Photographer's New Book, 20 Years in the Making 

For two decades, Ed Templeton amassed a vast, loosely knit collection of photographs during his travels as a professional skateboarder and artist, which he assembled into “Wayward Cognitions,” out this October.

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Nike Sb 2014 Lookbook

Nike Sb 2014 Lookbook

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Hella Hoes Video Premier #LORD coming right around the corner.

visit our website for dickeaters and more information at

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Aaron Herrington - ollie over into bank to bs bigspin off

Aaron Herrington - ollie over into bank to bs bigspin off

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